Monthly Archives: August 2014

Time to get back to the old routine

Ok, so the summer holidays are officially over. The kids are heading back to school, the nights are starting to creep back in (sorry for the reminder!), and your normal working regime returns until the next school break (for those …

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Mindfulness – what is it and could you benefit from our 8 week course?


Mindfulness is a way of focusing your attention to the present moment, to yourself and the world around you, in a non-judgemental way. This creates freedom from concerns that belong in the past or the future, but at times may

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The danger of over-training


Keeping a structured and progressive training plan ensures you keep focused and don’t get carried away as over-training can be just as harmful as under-training.

If you are used to regular exercise you are probably a teeny bit addicted to …

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Tough Mudder North Yorkshire 2014

Thinking of doing a Tough Mudder?

TM 2014

Always looking for a new challenge, Team Bãnhũs completed the North Yorkshire Tough Mudder event on Sunday in Skipton. There was plenty of anticipation as only one of our team had ever completed …

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Want to know our secrets?


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MOVE EAT TRAIN SUSTAIN – The Bãnhũs Method Explained

The success we have with our personal training clients transforms their lifestyles often quite drastically.

Clients come to us with weight loss goals, repeating niggles or wanting to improve their …

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