Monthly Archives: September 2014

Make each rep count – train mindfully

We’ve all had times at the gym when you just run through the motions of your session without really thinking it. You start thinking about what to do the kids for dinner or the email you forgot to send in …

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YOU asked, WE listened – BOOT CAMP IS BACK!

We are very pleased to announce the return of our renowned BOOT CAMPS!

We get many requests from past Boot Campers to restart the sessions again so Mark and I thought it was about time we did.

So, here is …

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Functional training – terms explained

It’s the language everyone uses while walking around the gym. You know, dropping words like “reps”, “sets”, “maximum heart rate”, “HIIT”, or “functional training.” If you don’t speak the language, it all sounds a bit foreign. I thought I’d take

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