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Not getting the results you want from cardio? Lift weights and lose body fat.

Our overall aim with training is to increase lean muscle mass and reduce body fat – this is what gives that nice muscle definition and what people refer to as tone.

Cardio only person?

So, here’s a common complaint I …

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Physio Update – Ankle Injuries

Ankle injuries

The ankle sprain is one of the most common soft tissue injuries seen by a Physiotherapist.

The following factors can contribute to an increased risk of ankle sprains:

  • Weak muscles/tendons that cross the ankle joint, especially the muscles
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Are you a lone-trainer or a groupie?

p-f boot camp

There are a few out there who prefer their own company when they train. Headphones in, head down, push through. If you can self-motivate and keep challenging yourself at every session then you’re very lucky.

The majority of us need/want/prefer …

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Cellulite – Know The facts


The Cellulite Blog

The Introduction

We are all well aware of cellulite, none more so than women and especially those poor women in the public eye who appear in certain magazines on holiday with a big red arrow or circle …

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October Newsletter

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Nutrition Jargon Explained

You hear us all banging on about eating unrefined carbohydrates, avoiding trans fats, getting the right balance of macro and micro nutrients but do you know what it all means?

Here’s a simple guide to explain the jargon:

Macro Nutrient

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Off-Season Golf Training: Fitness Tips

As you prepare to take your last swing of the season and bury your beloved set of clubs deep within the shallow confines of the garage, there are some things that you might consider during the winter months to improve …

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Common Ski Injuries – Physio Focus and NEW PRE SKI COURSE

Many factors contribute to an individual’s potential for injury. Attention to pre season conditioning with an emphasis on sport specific exercises will help delay muscle fatigue that often contributes to an injury.  Be sure to target your training to help …

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