Monthly Archives: August 2015

Are you ready for a new term of Boot Camp?!

One of Banhus’s most loved classes is back at the Northern Club, Tuesday’s and Thursday’s at 7pm starting 15th September.

After a short break for the summer, we will now be running our outdoor fitness course for 6 weeks. …

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Broga® is coming!

We admit the name is a little gimmicky and could insinuate a testosterone driven grunting class but this is not at all the case in reality. Broga® has been cleverly introduced to bridge the gap for those wanting to gain

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The Circuit Class explained

circuit class team pic

Circuit training has long been used to improve strength and fitness.

The core objectives of circuit training are to increase muscle strength, endurance, flexibility and coordination.

Whilst boxing clubs, the armed forces and more traditional gyms have maintained use of

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Why Women Should Lift

The advantages of weight training offer mentalphysical and overall health benefits for everyone. Many people, the majority being women are afraid to brave the weight room fearing they will get ‘bulky’ or its only intended to be used …

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