Mark Blower

Mark is the co-founder of Bãnhũs™ and has had an interest in health and fitness since his early teens, which he developed during an eleven-year career in the military. After leaving the forces in 2007, he fulfilled his ambition of working in the heath and fitness industry through a personal trainer role in one of the busiest gyms in Liverpool. This experience served as the basis for creating Bãnhũs™ and he has continued to develop his understanding of how a holistic approach to lifestyle can result in huge health benefits. Mark still finds time to push his own fitness limits through mountaineering and running ultra-marathons.


Level 4 – Specialist Biomechanics Coach, Exercise Management of Lower Back PainIMG_0235

Level 3 – Sports Massage Therapist, Personal Trainer

Cert. Movement Based Flexibility

Cert. Resisted Movement Training

Running Technique Coach

Broga® Teacher