Bãnhũs™ Personal Coach


Our one-to-one coaching service is the ultimate in bespoke training and is for those who are serious about changing their life to get results.

It is facilitated by Head Banhus Coach, Richard Franklin.

You will start with in-depth biomechanics screening, individual eating analysis and physical assessments before moving onto a one-to-one coaching programme – which can take place at our fitness studio or your home – designed to make you fitter, healthier and stronger. All studio sessions are monitored using our Suunto Training System and progress is continuously recorded.

Whether you choose to train in the studio or at home, your trainer will be there every step of the way to motivate and challenge you. Training will fit in around your schedule, not ours, to ensure that all sessions take place at a time convenient to you.

What’s included

Specific features include:

  • Individualised biomechanics and corrective exercise programmes
  • One-to-one coaching sessions plus a full weekly training schedule
  • Nutrition plan designed specifically for you to support your training goals
  • Ongoing assessments of your body fat, muscle mass, site circumference, skin fold, blood pressure, lung efficiency and weight
  • Ongoing performance assessments to monitor progress towards your agreed fitness goals
  • Heart rate/exercise intensity monitoring during studio workouts – with a report emailed to you after each session

Is this for you?

One-to-one coaching is for you if you are committed to making big lifestyle changes and want to benefit from the specialised attention and motivation provided by our personal trainers.


Initial consultation is £15 for a 60 minute health test & goal setting discussion where you will also learn about you nutrition requirements & current Body Fat %

Personal Training sessions can be purchased on a Pay As You Go Basis starting at £37.50 per session.

For more information on the Bãnhũs™ Personal Coach email richard@banhus.co.uk