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Biomechanics Trainer™ Workshop



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2 day Biomechanics Trainer™ CPD workshop 


We dig a little deeper into intrinsic biomechanics to advance your knowledge, increasing your confidence and help you provide your clients with special techniques to change their movement patterns, help them move more freely and even reduce pain.

  • Could stretching be the wrong way to increase the length of their  muscles?
  • Could their pelvic dysfunction be causing them lower back pain?
  • Is their Pec Minor the cause of their poor squatting technique?

Why is a muscle shortened? 

Find out why ‘tightness’ is only one reason why muscles can be short. Here we look at the evidence proving to be the most common reason for a muscle being shortened and what this means to your exercise prescription. You will have immediately implementable skills that enable you to screen the intrinsic biomechanics of your clients or potential clients on the gym floor. Demonstrate how you can identify easily if they functioning correctly within seconds and then correct these issues by with very simple release techniques there and then:
• LLD – Identify a leg length difference
• Downings Sign – Then identify if it is functional or structural?
• 4 sign test – Does the pelvis function
• Modified Thomas Test – Are the hip flexors inhibited?
• QL Test – Do they have a spinal hinge?
• 2 X Spinal mobility tests – Confirm where the lack of spinal mobility is coming from
• Pec minor test – Poor posture? Identify a key biomechanical pillar in shoulder problems
• Upper traps test – Upper back and neck issues

Some reasons that you will find this course invaluable are:

  • Instantly usable screening protocols
  • Scientific approaches to assessing your client’s physical function
  • Developed from over 20 years of biomechanics research
  • Functional rather than clinical focus
  • The foundation to all forms of movement; from the de-conditioned to elite athletes
  •  In-depth analysis of the kinetic chain function throughout the body
  • Specific anatomy training
  • Offer new services to your clients
  • Worth 16 REPS points


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