Don’t just take our word for it! Here are some word from people that we have worked with:


After several years of becoming “comfortable” in life and gradually putting on weight year on year I realised that my twice yearly excursions into diet and occasional exercise had no obvious effect.

After being introduced to Bãnhũs through the Boot …

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I don’t do exercise was always my motto; I participated in 5K runs but never really enjoyed them. I have always been slim but due to poor eating habits and lack of exercise I was starting to become uncomfortable in …

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I stopped playing rugby 6 years ago, and with a young family and work commitments I found trips to the gym becoming less and less of a priority.  What time I did spend in the gym, the session were unfocused

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After a year of eating my way through grief I met with Sandra from Banhus in December 2014 to look at a ‘Nutrition Plan’ with the view to starting it in the New Year after my Christmas binge!  I starting …

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As a runner of marathons, a mountaineer and a tennis player I never saw the need for gym based fitness, however, some very depressing weather prompted me to try the Broga at Banhus and 10 sessions later I have found …

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Bãnhũs delivers where other gyms (and I’ve joined more than a few) fail because they are totally interested in you as a person.  It is your goals that become all important and your training is carefully planned and developed around …

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My time at Bãnhũs and training with the coaches not only kick started my motivation and re-awakened enjoyment in training but I’ve learnt a number of lessons along the way. Gone are the days of spending loads of time in …

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