Bren TM 2014


I don’t do exercise was always my motto; I participated in 5K runs but never really enjoyed them. I have always been slim but due to poor eating habits and lack of exercise I was starting to become uncomfortable in my clothes and felt age was starting to work it’s evil magic.

So I decided to take action and joined Banhus, it was the best decision I have ever made. (With the exception of marrying my Husband!)  My initial goal was to get in shape and increase my fitness so with this in mind my training began, I also changed my diet, after advise from my trainer, to ensure that my body was getting the best sources of energy and within a couple of months the results were easy to see.

I became a Bride-To-Be while training and once I had “The Dress” my training changed to ensure that I would be in perfect shape to carry it off & on the day I was immensely grateful for all the training as I looked amazing in my dress.

During my time at Banhus I have completed the Liverpool Half Marathon and Yorkshire Tough Mudder, I could not have achieved this without the advice, training and support from Banhus. Both events were done with my trainer and other clients and I can honestly say I enjoyed both mainly thanks to the wonderful team spirit, who knew gruelling exercise could be so much fun. Next I tackle the London Marathon and am not worried, as I know my training will ensure that I achieve this goal.

A positive aspect of training that often gets overlooked is how it helps mentally, as someone who has a high level of anxiety training has really helped boost my moods and keeps me energised to try to cope with the crazy world we live in. My training sessions may be tough but I always have fun and leave with a smile even if I am crawling out of the gym!

Added on top of that I have attended Pilates and am currently attending Mindfulness course & if I ever give in and learn to ski there is also a Pilates course to help with that!!

Banhus is unique as it deals with Mind, Body & Health. All the team are friendly supportive and treat everyone as an individual & the studio really is a great place to be.