After a year of eating my way through grief I met with Sandra from Banhus in December 2014 to look at a ‘Nutrition Plan’ with the view to starting it in the New Year after my Christmas binge!  I starting the new simple clean eating plan on 1 January 2015 and committed to two regular early morning sessions of HIIT a week.

Honestly, it was a little tough to begin with, initially weighing food, making sure meals were prepped in advance and I had to eat so MUCH food!  I have never been hungry since.

I am now 3 months in to this new way of living as this is what it has become.  I feel full of energy all the time, never have that mid afternoon lull I used to get when eating rubbish carbs. I am beginning to see abs and I have lost inches of my waist and I have slowly weaned myself off the scales (I use to weigh myself daily!!).

Once you are into the swing of the things, it really is simple. Eat clean, train reasonably hard 80% of the time and chill and treat yourself for 20% of the time.
It works, simple as!