Banhus 2-001


My time at Bãnhũs and training with the coaches not only kick started my motivation and re-awakened enjoyment in training but I’ve learnt a number of lessons along the way. Gone are the days of spending loads of time in the gym and training most days, this is now replaced with sharpened, focused training with routines that are fresh, varied and positively exhausting after 1 hour sessions. Combined with the appointment booking system, my training is regular with fewer ‘drive pasts’. We all know fitting everything in can be difficult with work, family and life demands so why spend hours in the gym. Less is definitely more.

I particularly enjoy for someone else to do the thinking and just to tell me what to do and push me more than I would myself. Achieving that bit more is satisfying and having the gym programme means no time lost faffing in the gym. I’d recommend a personal coach to anyone who has never tried it.

I’ve always trained in one way or another and achieved some results along the way but recently I took onboard my coaches advice regarding my diet. Although I generally ate healthy (ahem…well most of the time) I did have a very high carb intake, particularly eating lots rice or pasta at most main meals. one of the coaches provided details of the the EAT programme and gave advice and guidance which including some very tasty recipes. With ongoing support from the coaches and periodic reviews I quickly saw results in reduced body fat, increased muscle tone and waist reduction. The change in foods combined with gym training paid dividends for both myself and hubby Mark who is also a happy “converts”.

I’ve always prided myself in having never been on a diet, and through knowledge and understanding of the principles underpinning the EAT programme I can still happily say I’ve never dieted. It’s just an adjustment to new behaviours that has positive benefits. It’s been about 10 weeks since embarking on it and the lifestyle continues.

To finish, I’d like to thank Bãnhũs, it’s a great gym with a fab team.