Banhus 2-018


After several years of becoming “comfortable” in life and gradually putting on weight year on year I realised that my twice yearly excursions into diet and occasional exercise had no obvious effect.

After being introduced to Bãnhũs through the Boot Camp training it became apparent that I enjoyed this method of training and the way to improve myself would be through structured and regular training.

My weekly personal training session with Mark motivates me to put the effort in and I compliment this with two further gym sessions, each with a varied training plan and further support from my coach if I am unsure or need assistance. There is no wandering around the gym thinking “what shall I do next?”. The heart rate monitor used during training and the fitness summary I receive via email provide further incentive for the next session.

After three months I have achieved visible results and feel substantially fitter. This is confirmed on the scales and with the tape measure. An old knee problem has been eradicated and I am confident that further training will give ongoing positive results.