Bãnhũs delivers where other gyms (and I’ve joined more than a few) fail because they are totally interested in you as a person.  It is your goals that become all important and your training is carefully planned and developed around them.  I spent weeks sweating through what I thought were unconnected, random exercises and it only clicked when I was powering up Beinn a Chlaichair and Ben Nevis that not only did I have massively increased speed and agility, but my balance, on wet and slippy rocks, was firm and confident.

I had never imagined I was the sort of person who could want (or afford) a personal trainer, but I had two important events coming up in my life and decided to join on a temporary basis.  In a few short months I was to do a memorial climb in Scotland with my husband, 4 peaks above 3000 feet in 2 days and about 30 miles in between.  I’d been worried about being able to complete the challenge in what was likely to be poor weather conditions so I signed up for a few sessions with Mark.

My next goal was 2 weeks cycling in Vietnam, up to 100km a day in potentially high temperatures and occasional monsoon rains.  My coach changed my training subtly, but it was equally effective.  A couple of weeks before I was due to leave he presented me with a gel saddle – it saved my life!  As I said before he treats his clients as individuals and is even more concerned for your success than you are. He will give advice at any time via phone or email and he has amazing success in dealing with sports injuries and rehabilitation.  I was worried that repeated tennis elbow would cause me pain and discomfort when cycling, but several intensive therapeutic training sessions and exercises have totally eliminated the problem.  Something that 6 months worth of NHS physiotherapy failed to do.  I have been injury free for almost a year now and am far more aware of how my body can avoid strains and muscular problems.

My goals were all achieved so what next?  If you don’t have a particular fitness goal then don’t worry – your coach will find you one.  My next was to run a marathon!  Ridiculous!  I’d never even run a mile on a treadmill so how or why would I want to attempt 26.2.  It would be impossible!  Well, with just over 6 months training I have completed the Liverpool Marathon of October 2011.  My coach gave up a considerable amount of his free time to train a team of novice marathon runners starting with short distances along the coastal paths and leading to a 20 miler where I hit the wall, phoned my husband to collect me and said I was never running again!  I felt I was dying on my feet, but by the time my husband arrived to rescue me my coach had already persuaded me that I had the inner strength to complete the run and I had set off again.  He is the most motivational and inspirational person I have ever met and he has assembled a team of trainers at Bãnhũs who are following in his footsteps.  Bãnhũs works because it is a community of people who all genuinely want to help you achieve your goals, even if you don’t know yet what those goals are!